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But sites like Givemefile.

It's illegal to redistribute copyrighted service manuals without manufacturer consent. Even so, a number of websites provide these critical documents to the service techs who need them. File sharing is a grey world. Yet this is a strong deterrent only theoretically, because copyright claims are only intermittently enforced. And he was fortunate: Toshiba was satisfied once Tim removed the information.

Copyright law does exist for good reasons. So even though you can't copyright an actual disassembly process, service manuals are a copyrightable piece of writing considered a "creative work.

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Major electronics manufacturers like Apple and Toshiba do copyright their service manuals; Apple has been using legal threats to keep its manuals offline for years. In fact, this information vacuum is what drove me to start iFixit.

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How did Toshiba justify its decision to censor its own repair documentation? By using copyright law to cut off independent service shops from the information they need to function, Toshiba is essentially stifling the resale market.

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Its actions also hurt Toshiba customers by reducing the resale value of Toshiba products. Apparently, some IT departments are already considering shifting their budget away from Toshiba products toward more repairable computers.

Procurement policies are a powerful tool for change. So I have high hopes for this process If market forces are unable to persuade Toshiba to reverse course, we may need to force them to.

When the auto manufacturers refused to provide independent shops with the information needed to fix cars, consumers banded together for Right to Repair legislation , which passed just last week. There's no reason we can't do the same. It's time for big manufacturers to stop hiding behind copyright laws and stop keeping independent repair technicians in the dark.

This information needs to be free. The world desperately needs to know how to fix these products.

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Buy from manufacturers who do make service documentation available online, like Dell , HP , or Lenovo. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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