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We have 33 simple shortcuts to minimize the time spent in your inbox. Plus, a free cheat sheet to keep handy. No more wasting your precious time with multiple clicks. Keep your hands on the keyboard. Want to send email to the spam folder?

No problem. Need to quickly weigh in with your input on a group email thread? Composing an email has never been so simple. These tricks will help you craft that perfect email, format it, and add recipients. Adding a colleague?

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To highlight words or phrases, first use the up, down, left, and right buttons to bring your cursor to the beginning or end of the text you want to highlight. Copy or paste the wrong piece of text? First, double click the word or highlight the phrase that you want to hyperlink or use the select text shortcut above. Need to transport from window to window? These combination codes are the Gmail shortcuts that you need. Normally you shouldn't need to change this.

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Make sure keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Outlook first: 1. in Outlook, I can use "Ctrl" + "A." This gives me a quick way to delete batches of emails at a time. Just press "F3" to bring your cursor straight to the Search box. Ctrl+E or F3. Clear the search results. Esc. Expand the search to include All Mail Items, All Calendar Items, or All Contact Items.

Now lets add a few more folders we believe are going to need in the future As we can see here now, it can get a bit messy if we have many folders. Luckily QuickFolders wraps the tabs to multiple lines, but it becomes more difficult to find the folder we are looking for. Therefore Alex introduced the Folder Categories, with which we can group tabs that belong together.

Say we have three folders related to Music that we are using a lot. We want to group this into a category "Music".

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Now enter 'Music' under New Category and then click the [Add] button:. Now we can see a new dropdown control on the QuickFolder bar, which is currently selecting Display All. You can change to select 'Music' and only see the Studio folder. Select the Music entry and click OK. We can do the same for friends and create a new Category friends where we put all our friends names.

Since the Inbox has the style "Show Always" it will also be visible if we select the Friends category:.

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Finally, we do the same with the remaining tabs, which neatly fit into a new Category we call "Shopping":. Just to keep everything tidy, we can also re-order the tabs by simply dragging them to the desired position:. Tab and folder specific commands were put into 2 menus at the top of the folder dropdown menu, you see these when right-clicking on a tab. There are 2 types of commands, Mail folder commands and QuickFolders commands.

Anything you do here will directly affect your folders I often want to use such mundane commands as "Mark all Messages Read" or "Empty Trash" without having to reach over to the folder tree There is also a dedicated button for mail commands on the current Folder bar. QuickFolders Commands are special commands that change the structure or display of the QuickFolders - as such they do not affect your Emails or Mail Folders directly.

As a shortcut, you can hold down CTRL while you right-click a tab to access this menu directly.

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We respect your email privacy. SmartTemplate4 SmartTemplate 4 offers an easy way to customize Thunderbirds default quote header by using templates. Change the keyboard shortcuts version. This will be used by Gmail to label future emails like this for you. F11 F This is the shortcut to display paragraph marks and other formatting.

You can drag items from any folder submenu directly to the QuickFolders toolbar to make new tabs even easier:. If you add to many tabs the QuickFolders bar can also become a little bit overwhelming. To keep the Extension usuable it is important to keep a balance between having lots of shortcuts and finding the important folders quickly. Therefore, it is a good idea to have not all but the most frequently used folders of a catgory and then some "parent folders" on the toolbar:.

Let's say we have a fairly monstrous folder tree for archiving all conversations with friends over the last 10 years or so: Of course we could add all of these to the folder bar and have a huge number of shortcuts to choose from. We can still reach everybody else by right-clicking the "container" folder Friends or Others, without having to use the folder bar. The we simply click on the folder name in the popup menu:. With the same right-click menu we can now also remove tabs that are not necessary by selecting 'Remove Tab' from the popup menu.

If you want to move a folder to a different position in the tree, I highly recommend dragging it from the tree to a new location on one of the folder tabs or subfolders on the QuickFolders toolbar; this will ensure that the connection between QuickFolder and the Folder remains intact, in case it alread has its own QF tab. This is currently a "Windows only" feature.

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The "Filter Wizard" is a helpful utility to create maile filters in order to move mail to other folders quickly. It started as a concept for QuickFolders but quickly grew into the more feature complete Addon quickFilters. I highly recommend installing this alongside QuickFolders for full filter support.

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Among other things, it prefills the destination folder for you after you have dragged the email into one of the QuickFolders or children. You can start creating filters by either clicking the filter button on the current Folder bar or by selecting the "Create Message Filters To end this mode, simply click filter button again. With this, it is very easy to create new filters very quickly.

The additional functions that I added to the filter list dialog I actually programmed after I had created the possibility to create many filters as the list became too long to handle without the search function. Do expect more functionality around filters in the future, but I am also very interested in your feedback on the function I have described above. I have been planning to add the Current Folder Tool bar for a while and it took more than a year of gestating this idea and around 3 weeks to implement. I noticed that despite best efforts I would still reach over to the folder tree for such mundane tasks as removing junk mail or flagging all mails of the current folder as "read"; usually this would be because the current folder was not actually a quickfolders tab or I couldn't actually see it as I wouldn't bother looking "up there", so I thought to myself 'having all these commands at my fingertips for the current folder, while I am reading my mail, now that would be helpful It is located on the top of the Email preview area unless you do not display the email in a separate window :.

Additionally, I was always missing quick navigation commands that would allow me to delve into subfolders, go to parent folders or go to the next "sibling" - this is what the buttons directly adjacent to the tab ar for: left, for the previous mail folder, the tab itself which automatically pops up all subfolders when you click on it , right for the next mail folder, and you can probably guess what the up button is for: that's right the current parent.

One speciality is that you can actually drag the current folder tab around like a folder itself and put it on the QuickFolders toolbar as a new tab. Then to the left is a mail envelope which can also be dragged, this represents the currently viewed mail itself. And beside it the ubiquitous recent folders button:. The new "Apple Pills" look was suggested and designed by Christopher White, to better blend in with a Mac based operating system.

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Right-click an empty area on the Toolbar and select 'QuickFolders Options Now select the second tab named "Bling My Tabs! For the different tab states you have 2 colors to choose, one for the text left color field and one for the background right color field.

The colors are currently picked with the standard color picker so the selection is limited - future versions of QuickFolders will probably have more freedom in selecting other colors. The actual appearance is either fully colored, or, more subtle, as a colored stripe at the top this was my original design. You can select this on the Options Page "Bling my Tabs!

creatoranswers.com/modules/bastrop/rutas-para-solteros.php Entering European languages which include diacritics accented characters, diaeresis, umlauts, etc. Also supports renaming of multiple passwords! SmartTemplate 4 offers an easy way to customize Thunderbirds default quote header by using templates. Templates can be created for every account as well as for global settings for all email accounts.

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