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Although court filings are considered to be public records , their availability varies widely by jurisdiction. The growth of electronic filing has improved online access to recent materials. However, historical records and briefs may be more difficult to obtain without contacting the office of the court clerk, which may require a substantial copying fee.

This guide outlines sources for compiled records and briefs which are available online and in the Goodson Law Library, as well as strategies for locating specific types of documents associated with a particular case. Before attempting to track down records on appeal or specific filings, it is most helpful to first locate the following information about the case:.

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Keep in mind that many court materials may not be available electronically, especially for cases filed or decided prior to Also, depending upon the jurisdiction, statutes and court rules may permit the sealing of selected documents or even entire case records. In the most extreme circumstances, courts may issue orders to destroy an entire case file; this will generally be noted in the docket information. See section III, part D , for more information.

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Finally, note that it is generally easier to locate court documents related to cases which have been appealed, since the record of the trial-level case would have already been compiled and sent to the appellate court for review. Some appellate case materials are available in compiled sets of records and briefs, although the exact contents of each set will vary. The Goodson Law Library contains records and briefs for U. Supreme Court cases in the Microforms Room on Level 1 present. Records prior to are arranged according to the case's U. Reports citation; from the Term to the present, the records are arranged in docket number order.

The set includes records and briefs from decided cases present , as well as the petitions for certiorari from cases in which the Court did not grant review present.

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To view all state records, click here: Kansas. Develops project plans which identify key issues, problems, approaches, performance metrics and resources required. The AcreValue Reno County, KS plat map, sourced from the Reno County, KS tax assessor, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres. The Work Applicant Registration Unit within the Records Division is responsible for the registration of convicted persons and the processing and fingerprinting of employees for the issuance of work cards as required by Reno Municipal Code and Nevada Revised Statute, i. Below is a directory of court locations in Washoe County. Records prior to are arranged according to the case's U.

Supreme Court Records and Briefs: , as well as ProQuest Supreme Court Insight , which will include records and briefs for the years by the end of If you require briefs and records from earlier Supreme Court cases, the Kathrine R. This set begins in and contains briefs from selected cases; however, it is highly selective in the cases it covers usually cases per Court term. For additional resources for Supreme Court briefs, consult the library's U.

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Supreme Court Research Guide. These records are arranged by docket number. A print index housed near the microfiche collection provides case names and docket numbers, but does not indicate which materials are provided for an individual case. The Microforms Room on Level 1 contains more current N.

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Supreme Court records and briefs on microfiche —present, with approximately a 2-year delay between case publication and fiche availability. Both the print and the microfiche set are organized by the cases' N. Reports citation.

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The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library is also in the process of digitizing historical N. Supreme Court briefs for expected public release. More recent case materials, from both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, are available online. A4 A7 , which includes colonial court records from To locate these materials, search the online catalog for the subject heading "Court records—North Carolina.

District, Appeals, and Bankruptcy courts. Because most federal courts require documents to be filed electronically, the majority of materials are available for download in PDF format, generally from present. For records and briefs from other state courts, and for federal court cases prior to , libraries within the court's geographic region may have received print or microform sets which are similar to Duke's North Carolina and Fourth Circuit collections.

W49 provides an excellent starting point for determining whether compiled records and briefs may be available for a particular court from a particular time period. You may be able to obtain copies of these materials through Interlibrary Loan.

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These links generally include dockets, briefs, other pleadings, and orders. The types of available documents will vary widely, depending upon the jurisdiction and time period of the case. Specific types of court documents may also be searched separately on these legal research services, as well as other online resources.

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The remainder of this guide outlines sources and strategies for locating these materials. Think of the docket as the "table of contents" to all of the materials associated with a particular case. The case's docket sheet can help a researcher pinpoint exactly what documents exist for a particular case and when each was filed with the court.

District, Appeals, and Bankruptcy courts, generally from present, with many of the documents listed in the docket available full-text in PDF. Inquire at the Reference Desk to set up an account with Bloomberg Law. Current members of the Duke Law community can also locate federal docket information on LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Dockets for a particular case will be linked from the top of the opinion; dockets may also be searched in separate databases. To search federal court dockets on Lexis Advance , click "Dockets" underneath the main search box to view available databases. To search federal court dockets on Westlaw , choose "Dockets" from the Browse menu on the home page.

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Although dockets are viewable and can be updated, filing downloads or courier dispatch services are not available to academic users. It is always preferable to retrieve known citations than to search for party names. Ideally, a researcher should already know the specific court in which the case was filed and the docket number.

Justia search results provide basic information about a case, and link directly into PACER for additional results such as the full docket sheet and links to full-text filings. Selected cases may also include free copies of the documents themselves. Note that Justia does not index dockets from the Bankruptcy Courts, although bankruptcy cases which have been appealed will be found in the appropriate Circuit Court. Note also that some states provide only civil, not criminal, materials through these services.

In Westlaw , click Dockets and choose the appropriate state to view available materials. Individual court websites may also provide public search engines to their docket information. Research mental health therapist availability by phone. Less than 1 month Duration. I'm searching for a mental health therapist that is accepting new patients.

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Courthouse research is a home-based opportunity that many people find appealing because while you are working out of your own home office. A court research is usually an independent contractor hired to pull requested documents in their local area. Many researchers work from home.

You'll be searching for them through public records or our insurance company's website, calling them on the phone to confirm they accept new patients, compiling information on the ones that do, and sending the results to me. I'd like this work to be started as soon as possible.

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