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The filed protection order against Joseph Shepard also recalled previous incidents of alleged abuse. Joseph Shepard also made headlines this year after it was revealed that he makes millions by flipping government tax credits.

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According to our research of Arkansas and other state lists, there were 15 registered sex offenders living in Cherokee Village as of November 07, The ratio. The addresses posted on this offender registry by the Sharp County Sheriff's Office may be in error due to the improper reporting by the offenders. Please report.

The LIHTC program utilizes developers in need of cash to attract investors for housing projects by offering tax credits. Claire, locked in a tough re-election fight, is clearly a beneficiary of insider deals with government. She has not called him a robber baron, which is the usual Democrat ploy. Does Claire have beating and urine fetishes?

Her opponent in the Senate race, Josh Hawley, is a lawyer. This is not usually a good sign. However, Hawley as the Missouri Attorney General helped force Eric Greitens, the Republican governor of the state, resign in the wake of charges Greitens sexually coerced and physically abused a woman he had been cheating with. So if beating and urinating on women and gaming the taxpayers is not your bag, vote for Hawley. She also took money from child prostitution pimps. She also argued against punishing statutory rapists.

The FBI seized control of Backpage in April because the adult section included advertisements for prostitution and human trafficking, which the website allegedly encouraged.

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He was the boy's 6th grade homeroom teacher and allegedly molested him in the classroom and in his private school office. I would appreciate your vote on November 4th. Alleged abuse in the early s in Walls reported to the diocese in Grabowski read the Proclamation to all in attendance. The governing authority for Houston County is the Board of Commissioners. Barnes won in Wards 1, 2 and 3, with the following votes; Ward 1, ; Ward 2, ; Ward 3,

The founders were arrested and Sinema immediately went into damage control. She tried giving the cash to charities that deal with sexual assault. Some refused, only extending the saga. And she tried explaining. They were much more — I mean, definitely sophisticated, developed — and if I had seen a number of my former students in a place other than in a sixth-grade classroom, I would not have known that those children were 12 instead of 19 or Krysten is a social worker and a lawyer. It shows in her thinking, in trying to excuse hateful behavior and get off guilty clients.

Krysten, who says she is bisexual. They are still underage. Krysten is a MTV character and a leftist bubblehead unworthy of any public office. Vote for your Republican House candidates too. Otherwise tantruming rapist- and rioting-friendly Democrats will obstruct all the way in to Is this is what the grooming process could look like? Their mother, a woman half his weight and more than a foot shorter, accused him of beating her and mistreating her repeatedly.

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I want to stand up for my friend, however I still have to live here. Garland also detailed an August incident that she says left a bruise on her neck and ended with Sisolak threatening to call the police. He expects his girls to act self-destructively. So he takes them to Planned Parenthood.

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Or was incest or statutory rape already in play here? I had time limits to do everything. Garland said she reached her breaking point after 13 years of marriage. She filed for divorce in January to break away from Sisolak, who she said responded by doing everything within his power to alienate her from her daughters. He manipulated those kids into thinking I did all kinds of crazy shit.

Garland detailed an incident in August in which she says Sisolak threatened to call the police on her after he allegedly left her with a bruise on her neck. Garland provided The Daily Caller News Foundation with pictures she said her lawyer took of her bruised neck, along with entries of her contemporaneous diary detailing the altercation. The altercation occurred on Aug. Garland wrote in the entry that she returned to the house that evening after picking up her two daughters from the local community center to retrieve her make-up, which she had forgotten to pack the day before. Garland wrote that she tried to follow her kids as they entered the house through the garage, but Sisolak blocked her at the door.

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Garland tried to push her way past Sisolak after he told her to provide a list to his lawyers of the things she wanted to collect, the diary entry read. He had his arm out and had it up against my neck pushing me and trying to shut the door. Garland said she walked over her ex-husband, who she said was groveling, grabbed her makeup from the bedroom and left the house without any further incident. Garland wrote in her diary that her two daughters begged her not to get their father in trouble by telling their court-ordered psychologist about the incident.

Garland denies ever forcing Sisolak onto the ground.

She claims his fall was nothing more than a theatrical ploy to make her look bad in front of their child. Garland said Sisolak was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed over pounds at the time of the incident, over double the weight of Garland, who was about pounds.

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Garland said she learned through her lawyer the following day that Sisolak was threatening to call the police on her. She said the threats stopped after she had her lawyer send Sisolak a picture of the bruise on the right side of her neck. The DCNF spoke with three longtime friends of Garland who saw her bruised neck in the days after the incident. I saw it. The difference in those two in their stature is night and day. Stark reportedly twisted Ms. Stark has faced multiple charges of assault and related charges while working as a Democrat operative.

The Democrat group who Stark worked for reportedly fired him after his latest release from jail. Meanwhile, things have warmed up for Bob Menendez D-NJ because of his corruption and his lust allegedly for underage girls. Bob Menendez in the final days of the closer-than-expected New Jersey Senate race, reviving salacious allegations that the senator had sex with underage prostitutes during past trips to the Dominican Republic. Menendez has long denied the allegations as a smear since they first surfaced on a news site in But Hugin, a wealthy pharmaceutical executive, is now running an explosive new television ad that cites papers filed in federal court by prosecutors in acknowledging the FBI probed the prostitution allegations as part of its corruption case against Menendez.

Menendez Reportedly Used Underage Girls. Last week, he called for all women to be believed. But he claims that no one should believe the underage women who accused him. The public has a right to know all the facts about the FBI investigation of SenatorMenendez and decide for themselves.

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Prosecutors declined to bring charges related to the prostitution claims, though they did pursue a bribery case against him. A mistrial was declared last year after the jury failed to reach a verdict in that case. Melgen was later convicted in a separate Medicare fraud case, and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Menendez appears to be a thief and a sexual predator. Errr, former Attorney General. Shysterman, known for many nuisance lawsuits against President Trump in collusion with other Dem state AG s, quit his job in disgrace. Abortion mogul Merle Hoffman, whose doctors have kept malpractice lawyers busy and well-paid for decades, used Schneiderman like a female condom to go after some New Yorkers who were protesting her charnel house in Queens.

Shysterman had to step down in disgrace; a few weeks later a judge slapped down his bogus legal assault on the pro-lifers. Harvey Weinstein and Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman claims he was role playing with his female victims. Now on to some prominent Democrats who were Profiles in Sewage during the Kavanaugh kerfuffle. She has also been AWOL when a Somali cop in Somaliapolis shot a woman to death who was reporting a suspected sexual assault to another cop.

He is a deserving Democrat. Cory Booger D-NJ , picked by the knuckleheads of New Jersey and flicked into the Senate, while saying Kavanaugh should quit over the false allegations he tried to molest Christine Blasey Ford, admitted he molested at least one girl while he was a teen. But he declined to resign. He needed the Fartacus moment. Over the weekend, a guy said on a Web posting that Fartacus Booker might be an equal-opportunity sexual predator. On Saturday, an anonymous man released a detailed four page document on Twitter, claiming the incident happened when Booker visited his workplace back in He claims Booker followed him to the bathroom, touched him inappropriately, and approached him for oral sex.

The man says he reached out to two lawyers earlier this month disclosing his name, date, location, corroborating evidence, and two possible hearsay witnesses. Booker who has admitted to sexual assault back in , has yet to respond to the allegations. Is it true or not? Booger picked a bad time to deprive Judge Kavanaugh of his presumption of innocence when accused.

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It would have been hilarious if Judge Kavanaugh, when under questioning by Kamala Harris D-CA , had asked her if she felt she was cheating better women than herself out of political office by sexually servicing California Democrat kingpin Willie Brown to get a leg up literally and figuratively in California. That would have given the little floozy, errr, Kamala Toe, errr, California senator a case of the screaming Mimis. The L.

Brown while she was on the make. But he still ruled against the cops. Ambulance crew prepares to take yet another victim away from a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. This is a quite common sight across the country. The woman killed in the storms was from Bokchito.