How to find gas mileage in cars

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Here are car features you might not realize you had. But they degrade over time and that can cost you up to 15 per cent in gas mileage. On pre vehicles, replace your oxygen sensor every 96, km to keep your mileage at its peak. On and newer vehicles, replace the sensors every , km. Some vehicles have as many as four, but the sensors installed behind the catalytic converter rarely fail.

How to Look Up and Compare MPG

All you need to check it is an inexpensive infrared laser thermometer. Simply aim it at the thermostat housing. To reduce reflection errors, spray the thermostat housing with black paint prior to testing. Find out the 10 most common car problems —and how to fix them yourself.

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Brake drag can really sink your mileage. Brake calipers have a nasty habit of rusting, binding and dragging down your gas mileage.

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How can you tell if your brakes are dragging without having them checked at a shop? Compare the readings from the right and left sides. Buy a replacement cabin air filter at any auto parts store and ask the clerk to print out the installation instructions. Cabin air filters are usually located in the air ducts behind the glove box in late model vehicles. However, some car makers locate them in the cowling or console area. VegTrug Raised Garden Planter. Jora JK Composter - 9.

How to Get the Best Gas Mileage out of Your Car

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Top 7 Most Fuel Efficient Cars Under 2K (better than a Prius)

Stainless Steel Compost Keeper. Related Guides. Electric Cars: Your Complete Guide. Fuel Efficient Driving. Hybrid Cars. Plug-in Hybrid Cars. Load More. With the introduction of plastic fuel tanks rust in the fuel tank is not an issue like vehicles in the past. We expect similar results after any air-filter change. A common myth is to buy gasoline in the morning, when the air is cool, rather than in the heat of the day. The theory is that the cooler gasoline will be denser, providing more go for the money.

But most stations store the gasoline underground, so its temperature changes very little, if at all, during a hour stretch. Off-brand gasoline is sometimes formulated without additives designed to clean the engine, but your car should run fine on that gas.

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With the rising cost of gas and the proliferation of new automobile technologies, it's important to understand just how much that gas-powered vehicle is costing. Find and compare the fuel economy, fuel costs, and safety ratings of new and used cars and trucks.

The vast majority of cars are designed to run fine on regular. Higher-performing engines are the most susceptible to preignition because they tend to run hotter, which is why premium is often recommended or required for sports and luxury vehicles. Premium also helps maximize power in high-performance engines. Without premium fuel, these engines might not deliver full power when accelerating or climbing hills. Most drivers will probably never notice the difference, especially in routine everyday driving.

9 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage and Drive Efficiently

Our advice: The best gas for your car depends on the vehicle. If it says premium is required, play it safe by using the correct octane. However, maintaining the proper tire pressure will optimize the rolling resistance and real-world performance for any tires—even the tires currently on a vehicle.

Some tires reduce resistance at the expense of wet-braking performance and tread life—a poor trade-off.

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All Rights Reserved. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity to some devices. Jora JK Composter - 9. If you want to squeeze out every last quarter mile from your hard earned money, there are many tips and tools at your disposal. European-built cars are generally more fuel-efficient than US vehicles.

Then use its rolling resistance level as the tiebreaker. See our complete tire buying guide and ratings.

Get Better Gas Mileage by Driving Slower

A midsized sedan lost 1. That's a sizeable drop in pressure for a modest drop in mpg.

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More important, though, under-inflated tires compromise a car's handling and braking. Plus, under-inflated tires wear faster and run much hotter, which can lead to tire failure. For safety's sake, check tire pressure at least once a month.

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The owner's manual explains how to do it. Think expensive gas means increased power and better fuel economy? Sign In.