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It gives you the Key Facts about the mortgage product, not all of them, but all the main ones. You should be given one of these before you make an application and you should check through carefully. If all of the information's in there, file the illustration and keep it.

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If some of this information's missing, ask the lender or broker for a new one. If you ever have a disagreement with your lender, this document is a crucial piece of evidence that proves what you were recommended, by who and when. Your lender won't keep a copy forever, so keep it somewhere safe as it could be years before you need it again. Scan it, file it, keep it!

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Once you've successfully applied for a mortgage, you'll be sent a mortgage offer by the lender. This gives ALL the facts about the mortgage and the conditions on the loan that you are agreeing to.

If your name is not spelt correctly or the loan figure is wrong, this could stop the mortgage at the very last minute, resulting in delays, additional expense, jeopardising the purchase and even more scarily, losing the mortgage offer completely. You also need to be sure there's nothing unexpected in it, particularly if it contradicts your Key Facts illustration.

Pay particular close attention to fees, early repayment charges and the conditions you need to meet to complete as it's your solicitor's job to check you've met these before the money can be drawn down. Your broker should also check the mortgage offer, but don't rely on that. If you were to disagree on a point later down the line, it could be very difficult to win the argument if you've signed the document accepting the conditions. Some lenders and brokers try to make more money elsewhere in the mortgage process.

So be prepared for the hard sell on these products. Sometimes called accident, sickness and unemployment insurance ASU , MPPI is supposed to cover your payments if you have an accident, become ill, or you're made redundant. You can get limited help from the Government in these circumstances but, at best, it will only cover your interest. So it's sensible to consider, before you take out a mortgage, how you would manage to meet your repayments if these events happened.

MPPI isn't a bad policy but it can be quite pricey and has been mis-sold in the past to people who couldn't actually claim on it. This can happen because the insurer doesn't carry out any checks when you first apply, only when you go to make a claim. Be extra careful if you are self-employed, have any reason to suspect you might be made redundant or have any existing medical conditions.

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We offer basic information such as name, phone, address at no charge to you. Finding people have never been easier. Try us now and find out why millions of people use SPYTOX for free people search. LOOKUP SMS STATUS CALL. Person. Use PeopleFinder's free white pages database that makes billions of people search records easily accessible to anyone at no cost. Our people search database allows you to explore millions of records to help you find the info you need.

Buying MPPI from your mortgage broker. Be careful when buying from your mortgage broker here. It may not be able to get you the best-priced policy. It's common for a broker to offer whole of market mortgage advice, but then be tied to a single, or small panel of insurers. There's no harm in getting a quote from your broker for MPPI, but make sure that you compare with other policies to see if it's a good deal.

All lenders will insist you take out buildings insurance. But be very suspicious of deals which insist you buy your buildings insurance through your lender. While the amount quoted may seem reasonable in the first year, you're then trapped into accepting whatever premium increases they foist on you in subsequent years, for as long as the mortgage lasts. If you go elsewhere for your home cover, some seriously cheap deals are possible. By using cashback sites, some people have even been PAID to take out insurance. Would you ask the man who sold you a computer to be your fashion stylist?