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Also, always have your return address on all mail just in case it gets sent back.

As for packages, all packages will need to be sent using an approved third-party vendor. Inmates are typically only allowed to receive one package every quarter. The max limit is 30 pounds a year. This is a free way to send money. When sending money, it can take less time than mailing the money to the prison for it to post. However, it is longer than the EFT option. The electronic funds transfer is the only method that will incur a fee. The fee will be dependent on what service you use and how much you are sending at once. A well-known service many people use is JPay. This is completely free.

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However, all funds will be held for 30 days. GTL offers two different plans to fit you and the prisoners needs. The first plane is a monthly plan, just like you pay for any of your current utilities. The second plan offered is a prepaid plan, where you put a certain amount of money in and once the money is gone, it is gone.

Inmates can make calls home. You are not allowed to call an inmate while they are in prison. Phone calls are typically only allowed to be minutes to make sure all inmates have a chance to use the phone. Phone calls are monitored. For visitation, you must first be on the inmates approved visitors list.

In order to get on the approved visitors list, you must fill out the form and send it back. Make sure the mail and package you are sending come under approved item list. For clarification contact the prison administration at Note : In case of packages, prior approval from prison administration may be required. Contact the prison staff for more information. Inmates can receive money into their commissary account via check, money order or cashier.

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Note : When sending the money via check or money order, make sure you mention inmate id and full name at the back. Inmates can call to any person on the approved members list between AM to PM. The receiver has to bear the cost of the call and the call can be of maximum 30 mins. During rush hours the call time is reduced to 10 mins. If you are visiting someone in Turbeville Correctional Institution make sure you are in approved visitor list.


If you have visited Turbeville Correctional Institution recently or have any experience to share, fill the comment section below. What SCDC does is when a gang fight happens, they move inmates to other institutions. They meet up with other members and what they do is put those guys in dorms with the gang that the person just got into [it] with.

The department is talking about cellphones.


So, if we take away cellphones, we have a real problem. The real issue is, in fact, that we do have deep hostilities in prison. We do have a situation where we put rival gangs in the same unit. But at the end of the day, again, we have a situation where we know how to make prisons safer. One of the worst-ever prison uprisings that turned violent, killed 33 prisoners, was in New Mexico in And that was in no small part because Pell program had been shut down. Prison —.

All of the educational programs had been stopped, and much more time in the cells, much more frustration.

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And meanwhile, of course, we know that what we need is not so much of an emphasis on security, even though it seems that way with these murders. What we need is less cell time and more family time.

So, this is really an extraordinary moment where we are, again, missing what folks know to be the problem and what might the — what the solution should be. So, this is a deeper problem.

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How do you see this relating to what happened September 9th to 13th, ? How many prisoners were killed at Attica when they rose up to demand better conditions at the prison? And in the case of Attica, it was quite different, in that the prisoners had a quite remarkably peaceful and democratic uprising, and the bulk of the violence in that instance was when the prison was retaken by law enforcement, law enforcement killing 39, both prisoners and guards.

And, you know —. And there were also deaths inside of the prison, just as in this case, at the hands of fellow prisoners. But the overwhelming uprising was peaceful. And we missed the opportunity to take the lesson from Attica.

SC inmate goes FB live from prison, brandishes weapon

We missed the opportunity to understand what it takes to make institutions safer and what it takes to treat people humanely.