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Log Siding: A Rustic Look without the Work

Real wood siding can improve the value of your home.

Max Wood Lumber Co. The amount and cost for wood logs of that size is already exceptionally high and when you include time, labor and machinery needed it becomes almost impossible. With log cabin vinyl siding, you can create that look for a fraction of the cost and manpower. Real Wood Log Siding. So you have a home in the Piney Woods of East Texas or maybe in the Hill Country, you want to update the siding and you are considering some home exteriors choices. If so Log Siding can be a great and creative option. If you want a log home, but the price tag on full-log home packages have you digging for alternatives, we're glad you found us.

We've invested decades three to be exact in crafting high-quality wood products — and half-log siding that lasts the test of time is one of our specialties. Paul Bunyan Half Log Siding?

Massive Look, Half the Expense and Weight. Most clients prefer rough hewn, but our logs can be hewn to any texture — rough, smooth or something in between. If you have ever dreamed of living in a log cabin but have never taken it seriously simply because of all the work it requires, you no longer have any excuse.

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Timber Mill Siding Want the log cabin look on your home. We have just what you need. Vinyl log cabin siding is durable and lasts longer than the real deal with. on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vinyl siding, Cabin and Log siding. log cabin vinyl siding,vinyl log cabin siding,log vinyl siding,log look. Vinyl Log.

Log siding uses half-logs that are nailed up just like regular wood siding, except they give off the appearance of a log cabin. These half In the Ozarks, there is something unique about the log cabin look and feel of a home, perhaps it is that we are surrounded by the beauty that is the Ozarks.

Log Siding from ABC Seamless – Get the Log Home Look without the Hassle

Log Vinyl Siding by Liberty. Liberty Home Solutions Log Siding Systems In the Ozarks, there is something unique about the log cabin look and feel of a home, perhaps it is that we are surrounded by the beauty that is the Ozarks. Why Choose Log Vinyl Siding?

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Here are just a few of the recent advancements in log vinyl siding: Great insulation performance. Science shows that the high-tech PVC materials used to make vinyl siding are good insulators.

Vinyl Log Siding

The siding is composed of layer after layer of compressed and rolled polystyrene panels that help keep warm air inside the house in colder months and cool air inside the house in warmer months. House wrap or insulating panels can also be applied, and cellulose, fiberglass, or foam insulation can be used to fill in any hollow spaces or fissures in the wall Natural-looking patterns and minimal maintenance. Advancements in manufacturing now allow siding producers to create vinyl siding with the organic-looking grains and swirls just of natural wood.

The only typical maintenance required of vinyl siding is an occasional wash from the garden hose or a pressure washer.

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The Vinyl vs. Wood Difference Save Money. Can we get help from your company. Mom is 60 an has had open heart. Health is not real good. Debra kelley. Could it be that the wrong nails were used or the studs were missed?

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I believe it was lumber. It looks great, but seems to be falling apart.

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Need to find a pro for your Siding Installation? Find Pros. Stucco Stone Metal Siding. Debra kelley , October 18 :. Mark langer , November 9 :.

Looking to buy some vinyl log siding. Price and dealer in east tn area. Carl , January 12 :.