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How to Find Someone in Prison or Jail
Prayer For Someone In Jail or Prison - Prisoner Prayer

Use your state's inmate locator tool, if you're looking for someone incarcerated in a non-federal prison. While not all state department of corrections websites contain such a database, many do.

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To find yours, go to the USA. Because each such site is maintained by each own state, the information available will vary widely.

Seven Ways to Help Your Loved One Adjust to Life After Prison

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Photo Credits. The best way to find someone in jail for free is www.

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You can search by their inmate ID number or by first and last name. Optional fields to narrow down the search results are date of birth or age range.

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The best way to find someone in jail for free is On the site's homepage, select the state where you want to search. You can search by their. If you need to find someone who is in prison, it is important to know exactly what type of facility they are incarcerated in. A prison, also known as a penitentiary or.

Anyone interested in the status of an inmate can register to be notified when the inmate is released or transferred. Notification is done by phone or e-mail. Note: Vinelink does not provide information on federal prisons — only local jails and state prisons. Vinelink is updated every day.

The best way to locate information on a federal prisoner for free is to go to the Bureau of Federal Prisons website at www. Then, go to the inmate locator tab.

You can search by inmate number or name.