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Man Gets Life For Killing Stepdaughter

Dion Banks Sentenced to death for the shooting death of a woman in front of her two young sons during a carjacking in the Ford City Mall parking lot. Joseph Bannister Sentenced to death for wounding his ex-girlfriend and killing her sister during a attack in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

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An Aurora man's murder conviction and death sentence in the slaying of his Laurence Lovejoy, 42, was sentenced to death in February for the murder of Erin Lovejoy has been returned to the DuPage County Jail. 15, to death row, but the Illinois Supreme Court overturned his conviction. Subscribe Laurence Lovejoy wanted to silence that witness.

David Damm Was sentenced to death for the murder of year-old Donnisha Hill. During the penalty trial, DuPage County prosecutors described the day in when Jeanine, home sick from school, was abducted from her Naperville home. They presented chilling details, starting with the fingernail marks the struggling child left on a wall as she struggled to free herself from Dugan's grasp.

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Jurors heard how her raped and beaten body was found two days later in a nearby nature preserve, her head still wrapped in the towel and duct tape Dugan had used to blindfold her. Eric Hanson Was sentened to death for the murders of his parents, sister and brother-in-law in Ricardo Harris Sentenced to death for the murder of two Oak Lawn liquor store clerks during an attempted burglary, in which two customers also were injured. Laurence Lovejoy Sentenced to death for the rape and murder of his year-old stepdaughter, Erin Justice, in in Aurora.

Anthony B. All have agreed that the death penalty is the current "law of the land," and they will proceed until that law is changed. He might not sign it until the trial is over. State law allows judges to exclude potential jurors who have strong convictions about the death penalty, either for or against.

Several jurors who were excluded because of their death penalty beliefs might have been selected if this weren't a death penalty case. After one such juror was excused last week, Lyon voiced disappointment. The college-educated mathematician who claimed he could be fair in the guilty-innocence portion of a trial was the type of juror that both sides would want — smart and thoughtful, he said. The jury will hear prosecutors argue that Lovejoy killed his stepdaughter, Erin Justice, 16, a sophomore at Waubonsie Valley High School, three weeks after she had reported to police that he raped her.

The rape allegedly took place March 3, , after Lovejoy offered to give her a massage when she returned from track practice, prosecutors said.

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  • DuPage judge sentences Lovejoy to life without parole.

She died March 27, , in an Aurora town home where she and her mother had moved following the alleged rape. Prosecutors argued that Lovejoy, who denies the crime, forced her to take an overdose of over-the-counter medication, beat her and drowned her in the bathtub. The jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to death. But the state Supreme Court, which reviews all death penalty cases, ruled unanimously in that Lovejoy had received an unfair trial.

DuPage judge sentences Lovejoy to life without parole

Defense attorneys argued that prosecutors gave them key DNA evidence too late for them to hire their own experts and that the judge declined to delay the trial for that purpose. Advertisement In its ruling, the Supreme Court said, "there is significant evidence of guilt, but that the linchpin of the state's case was the DNA evidence. Valerie Justice, the teen's mother, said she wishes the family didn't have to go through the trial again.

The Legislature recently approved a bill abolishing it, but Gov. Pat Quinn has not signed it. Prosecutors are entering the trial planning to seek the death penalty again for Lovejoy. Mom tells of day daughter was slain For the second time, Valerie Justice took the stand to testify about the day she found her year-old daughter stabbed and beaten in a bathtub at their Aurora townhouse.

Prosecutors contend Lovejoy killed Erin, a Waubonsie Valley High School sophomore, to keep her from talking about a rape accusation she had made against him. Lovejoy was sentenced to death in , but the appellate court overturned the case amid confusion about key blood evidence.

Prosecutors again are seeking the death penalty for the year-old Lovejoy.

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Defendant further asserts that he is entitled to a new sentencing hearing because toxicology evidence, improperly admitted during the guilt phase, prejudiced the jury's eligibility finding; the State committed error when it made a religious reference during argument; and the court erred when it allowed the jury to hear an audiotape of a telephone message left by the victim for her mother. She also spoke to her mother and told her that defendant sexually assaulted her. Jasper County, Texas , U. Keith testified that he examined fabric pattern impressions that were left on the bathroom doorknob assembly. Fact Sheet.

In early March of , Erin Justice accused Lovejoy of rape. While the family waited for DNA results, Valerie devised a system to keep her daughter away from Lovejoy. It was an uneasy arrangement made worse because Lovejoy was urging Valerie to tell police Erin was lying about the rape, she said. On March 27, Valerie called the house at 9 a. She tried the house phone nine times.

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Worried, Valerie decided to go home from her job as a cashier at a car wash. She found the door open at their townhouse on the far East Side of Aurora, and called out for Erin. The hallways were dark, but Valerie could see something on the walls and floor. She went up to the second floor and opened the bathroom door.

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Not long after police found Valerie sobbing hysterically, former Aurora police evidence technician Mike Dabney began a five-day search of the house. He spent nearly a week collecting, photographing and cataloging hundreds of pieces of evidence. None of them was more crucial than a bloody heel print on one tile in the corner of the bathroom. Defense attorneys say Lovejoy had no motive to kill Erin. Jury selection began this month on the same day the Illinois Senate passed a bill eliminating the death penalty.

The bill only needs Gov. Man barred from own murder trial after outbursts A Naperville man facing a possible death sentence in the brutal slaying of his year-old stepdaughter was barred from returning to his DuPage County jury trial this afternoon because of his ongoing disruptive behavior. I repeatedly warned him this morning and he has ignored those warnings. We are not required to indulge his disruptive behavior.

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The murder charge against Lovejoy claims that he poisoned, stabbed, beat and drown the victim in her mother's Aurora townhouse. Lovejoy was convicted and sentenced to death for the crime in , but the Illinois Supreme Court overturned the conviction and the sentence, claiming that the state's DNA evidence linking Lovejoy to the crime scene wasn't disclosed early enough for the defense to prepare a rebuttal. He is now being retried. Calling him "shockingly evil and hateful," a DuPage County judge Tuesday sentenced a Naperville man to life in prison without parole for murdering his teenage stepdaughter.

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Lovejoy, who twice avoided prosecutors' attempts to have him sentenced to death, will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the May murder of Erin Justice, a Waubonsie Valley High School sophomore who several weeks before the slaying accused Lovejoy of raping her. Evidence showed that on the day the year-old Justice died, Lovejoy forced her to take lethal doses of medication, beat her, slit her throat and wrists, and drowned her in a bathtub.

Need basic training in SEO and social media? But the Illinois Supreme Court overturned the conviction and the sentence on the defense's contention that it was unable to rebut last-minute forensic evidence. DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin again sought death at a January retrial, and though the jury convicted Lovejoy of murder, it declined to declare him eligible for a death sentence.

Appreciation of Illinois Death Row Exonerees

During that first trial and for the last several years, a moratorium on executions in the state was in place. And last week, Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a bill that abolishes the death penalty. Quinn also commuted the sentences of all 15 men on death row to life in prison. Justice had claimed that Lovejoy had sexually assaulted her in the Naperville apartment where the family lived. No criminal charges had been filed, but Lovejoy had been ordered to stay away from Justice. The girl and her mother moved to an Aurora townhouse.

On a day when the girl was home alone, Lovejoy went to the townhouse and murdered her, according to testimony at both trials. Valerie Justice, the victim's mother said: "He got what he deserved, for the second time. This is bittersweet, and I would rather have my daughter. Mar 15, 2. Personally, I think they should do to him what he did to her. Nasty bastard.