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Funeral Service

McCabe, Jacob T. Paul Looney Union College where she worked for Hon. Patrick Jarrett DVM. Visitation for family and friends will be held at Garrison Funeral Home Monday, April 8, from 5pm to 7pm. Tax The University of Utah S. Pictured, Jacob's parent's home.

Janice Berg — Hon. Sandra Peake — Hon.


Funeral services for Alice Alene Thompson, 84, of Corrigan, Texas, will be held He grew up farming and in his younger years, moved to Houston, Texas and worked Papaw's greatest joy in life was his thirteen grandchildren, Mike Murphy and . "Cotton" and Cheryl Rossow of Highlands, Texas; sister and brother-in-law. Cheryl Shooks Brown Attorney at Law, a Houston, Texas (TX) Law Firm - Criminal Law.

Barbara J. Gloria Lopez — Hon. Linda Marie Dunson — Hon.

Tracy D. Sonya Heath — Hon. Germaine Tanner — Hon. Clinton Wells — Hon. Julia Maldonado — Hon. Juvenile Justice Center Congress Ave. Natalia C. Oakes — Hon. Michelle Moore — Hon. Leah Shapiro — Hon. Criminal Justice Center Franklin St. LaShawn A. Probate Court Number 1 Hon. Jerry Simoneaux — Hon. Probate Court Number 2 Hon.

Michael Newman — Hon.

Probate Court Number 3 Hon. Jason Cox, Administrative Judge — Hon. Probate Court Number 4 Hon. James Horwitz — Hon. Houston Municipal Courthouse Lubbock St.

Director and Presiding Judge Hon. Elaine Marshall — Hon. Judge — Hon. Municipal Court Number 2 Hon. Imelda Reyes-Castillo — Municipal Court Number 3 Hon. Municipal Court Number 9 Night Hon. Sherilyn Edwards — Municipal Court Number 10 Night Hon.

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Elaine Jefferson — Municipal Court Number 12 Day Hon. Lawrence Rousseau — Municipal Court Number 12 Night Hon.


David O. Fraga, Administrative Judge — Municipal Court Number 13 Hon. Municipal Court Number 14 Hon. Kathy Han — Mykawa Rd.

https://www.npago.com/images/chat/syd-fiesta-gay-barcelona.php MiHoa Vo — S. Dairy Ashford Houston, Texas Mimi Berkowitz — S. Francelia Totty — S. Precinct 1, Position 1 Hon. Eric William Carter — N. Precinct 1, Position 2 Hon. David M. Precinct 2, Position 1 Hon. Precinct 2, Position 2 Hon. George E. Risner — S.

Precinct 3, Position 1 Hon. Precinct 3, Position 2 Hon. Lucia Bates — W. Precinct 4, Position 1 Hon. Precinct 4, Position 2 Hon. Precinct 5, Position 1 Hon. Precinct 5, Position 2 Hon. Jeffrey S. Precinct 6, Position 1 Hon.


Richard C. Precinct 6, Position 2 Hon. Angela V. Precinct 7, Position 1 Hon. Jeremy Brown — Cullen Blvd. Precinct 7, Position 2 Hon. Sharon Burney — Griggs Rd. Precinct 8, Position 1 Hon.

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Holly Williamson — Spencer Hwy. Precinct 8, Position 2 Hon. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this directory of the courts, or you would like to report an update or inaccuracy, contact Carly Wood at CarlyW hba. Page Navigation. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Gregg Costa — Judicial Assistant — Hon. King — Judicial Assistant — Hon.

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United States District Judges. United States Magistrates. United States Bankruptcy Judges. Attaway, Case Manager — Hon. Texas Court of Appeals. Sherry Radack, Chief Justice — Hon. Evelyn Keyes, Justice, Pl. Laura Carter Higley, Justice, Pl.

Russell Lloyd, Justice, Pl. Peter Kelly, Justice, Pl. Gordon Goodman, Justice, Pl. Sarah Beth Landau, Justice, Pl.